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Did you know? Discover 10 curious facts about Halloween


Did you know ? Discover 10 curious facts about Halloween by English&tea.

  1. Jack-o’-Lanterns: The tradition of carving Jack-o’-Lanterns originated in Ireland, but people initially used turnips and potatoes instead of pumpkins.
  2. Costume Parties: Halloween costume parties became popular in the early 20th century. The tradition of wearing costumes dates back to ancient Celtic and European traditions.
  3. Halloween Colours: Orange and black are the traditional colors of Halloween. Orange represents the harvest, while black symbolizes death and darkness.
  4. Fear of the Number 13: Halloween can be particularly spooky when it falls on the 13th day of the month, which is often considered an unlucky number.

5. Phasmophobia: Fear of ghosts is known as phasmophobia. It’s a common theme during Halloween and in horror movies.

6. Day of the Dead: Halloween shares similarities with the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), as both involve honoring and remembering the deceased.

7. Trick-or-Treating’s Origins: The practice of trick-or-treating in North America has its roots in the custom of “souling” in medieval Europe, where people would go door to door and offer prayers for the dead in exchange for food.

8. Witch’s Broom: The concept of witches riding broomsticks is believed to have originated from the use of hallucinogenic plants applied to broomsticks in medieval witchcraft rituals.

9. Phantom Plates: In some cultures, it’s believed that setting an extra place at the dinner table on Halloween night is a way to welcome deceased loved ones.

10. Pumpkin Festivals: Many places around the world host pumpkin festivals and competitions, where enormous pumpkins are displayed and even carved in elaborate designs.

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